Friday, July 14, 2000

one way truck bust

puddles dripping through the threshold
winter disappearing on the roadway exit ramp
pertinent information blasting on the fun dial
backseat mirror filled with the bearded baseball capped robot boy
passenger side sits the soundman, smiling
flurry of hazed mayhem
driving with ease toward the east as far as we could go
state penitentiary roundabout, camera rolling
cops and cars, watchtower bricks
back on the road past the breakaway fence
meeting the wheelchaired common man on the sidewalk off in the elevator
doors openb to burritos and overpriced salad greens
down in the elavator
up the ramp towards black slacked breasts
beer for brunch and laughs for later
crusing through the record warehouse, piping cool painted ducts
rug muffles the motor and nervous eyes stare at the unfortunate vehicle boy
past the magazines and PG videos back to the street
parking garage bowels, catalyst, forming hilarity
turn the key and the travelers turn weary
memory fading, pavement blends away
and the day is done.


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