Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stuck in the Middle

well, folk all you hipsters who can't take a joke.
there's room in my brain for one last toke.
it aint funny the way i feel.
gone are the days of the glassy smooth schpeal.
don't leave me alone or i'll wilt like a leaf.
i'm stuck here in the middle all full of the grief.
it don't make a difference to you or to him.
but i'm wondering if i'll sink or i'll swim.
so simple these rhymes in my head.
they flow like the souls from the wounds of the dead.
so go kiss your kids and wrap your presents tight.
cuz today is the day that you rest for the night.
it's not the first or the last or just one more to go.
stuck in the middle with no oars to row.


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