Friday, January 11, 2002

manifold attachment assessment

all beaten from the rusted shanks and shackles, his arms lay twisted in the corner behind his belly button pillow face. ragged and torn, the misty muffin little kitchen appliance helper was of no more use to the school children. in their infinite wisdom, they mentioned the loss of the prosthetic poster girl to their crossing guard. mrs. snyder was not her usual self. it's hard to cross all those kids when your knotty little knees won't strangle the torso tension bar like they used to. this will be her last week of work, she mumbled as ronald bragadaccio scurried by. like her last week last month and the month before that. she couldn't wait to watch the final episode on tv. it's the only time she laughed all day but she loves fly fishing and spring is just around the corner.


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