Tuesday, February 05, 2002

underground navigation expert

he was accustomed to practicing what he preached. this time, however, he surrendered to the whims of the small round object. this time, he found himself running through the swollen corridors and past the bronze think tank below the campus center amusement booths. he laughed out loud...beneath his brethren but above his ancestors. his mind crowded with images of soft silver walls. water seeping through the ancient underground aquifer network and the orange glow of the gatekeepers lantern. iron crusted keys and vertical doors with no handles. side steps that lead to the next level filled with musty overgrowth, dried gardening utensils and pagers dropped through cement overflow grates. he retraced his steps every time. the only way to return to from where he came. darkness gave way to the passage of time. above and below. he could not escape the maze or the haze or the ways in which he lived his life. above it all now, he washed the object with a damp towel and collected his belongings. it was time to pack the jack and wrestle the tressle.


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