Tuesday, September 24, 2002

dismantled and mishandled

rosy cheeked subordinate border. dragging her sorry ass out of the parlor. disgusted and distrusted, she is the problem. wasted in her smoking porch, they wonder how long she's gonna last. dismantled and mishandled. the family outlaw grasping for something to brag with but the furniture has all been sold.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

fumbling and stumbling but on two feet

tossing it back and forth between the brain and the future. commonalties, mixed realities. positivity, strong proclivities. sorrow and fame, saving the game. rooted in sanity, backed by vanity. grabbing the clutch and deserving more. watching your friends climb off the floor. token leader, backyard breeder. always amiss, sit and reminisce. the city of brotherly love and good neighbors. so strong in its hometown flavor. dreaming of where it was and how and then and now and when. it's all combined and refined and behind me now. in front and behind and slow to rewind. slow motion midfield play. fumbled the ball back at the 20, picked up again, remembering when. fumbling and stumbling but on two feet.